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Hey, fantastic pictures Kim! You capture the essence of every shot you take. Fabulous!
Heather Dahmer - 27 Nov 2021
Amazing pics and a wide range of talent! The pics range from still in landscape to full movement in action sports. Lovely!
Nawar El Khouri - 21 Nov 2021
Gorgeous landscapes. I can't get enough!
John Todds - 14 Nov 2021
Hi Kim, nice to meet you and your family last night!
Alisha and Aaron - 2 Aug 2015
Kim, these photographs are beautiful. You capture a moment, a feeling...a quality that is tangible. You have a wonderful gift.
Sarah Lester - 31 Aug 2014
WOW! Your pictures are amazing. Great job I can't wait to see more, love the website.
JC (The Beer Store) - 19 Jun 2014
It was great talking to you at the Unionville Festival on Saturday! I really loved your pictures!
Katherine Gauthier - 8 Jun 2014
What a fantastic. Great photography.
Elva Wert - 16 Jan 2014
Kim, fantastic photos, you definitely have a superb eye for capturing beauty, style, and action. Keep up the good work!
Gerrit Wensink - 7 Sep 2013
Great work Kimbo!
Nick - 3 Sep 2013
I love your work Kim, glad we reconnected.
Heather Wilkinson - 22 Mar 2013
Love the old school
Ryan Gauld - 15 Feb 2013
wish i had the eye
gail - 12 Feb 2013
Love your work Kim, especially the shot of DQJ parked on the beach.
Steve Liddle - 12 Feb 2013
Great photos ! Great webssite!! So many great photos and so little time (I'm a geezer) keep up the super work (looks like play) !! Thanks My Friend ... Art Hindle
Art Hindle - 8 Feb 2013
Kim, You have a good eye. Best of luck with your new endeavour.
Shaun L - 18 Jan 2013
Great job Kim. Love to see the photos from the Park.
Susan Davidson - 15 Jan 2013
Nice pictures Kim web site looks great all the best with your new business
Gary McArthur - 20 Dec 2012
Brian - 19 Dec 2012
Eye of an artist and skill of a pro - bring us more of what you see, Kim...
Lenka - 15 Dec 2012
Fantastic shots Kim. I know you're talented but never knew to this extent! More Please...
Murray Croft - 3 Dec 2012
I have known Kim since he was 3; the first time he saw me (Christmas 1957) he thought I was Santa Claus - which was rather appropriate for this time of year. Good luck in your endeavours Kim.
John Brown - 3 Dec 2012
Memories, Nice!
Scott Taylor - 2 Dec 2012
Beautiful capturing natures works of art!
Lesa McDonald - 2 Dec 2012
Beautiful collection of your outstanding photography Kim! Nice Job!
Pamela - 1 Dec 2012
Great work. Of course the motorsports are my favorites!
Tom Hicks - 1 Dec 2012
Kim, the site looks fabulous! Great captures! Keep them coming and best of luck!
Lori Kallay - 29 Nov 2012
Wow ..... good job.
Wally Levy - 29 Nov 2012
Good job on the site Kim! I like the moto photos!
Gerry - 29 Nov 2012
Outstanding!!! Yay!!
Cath - 28 Nov 2012
Nice Pictures! Especially liking the scapes and the nature pic's.
Drew & Monika Taylor - 28 Nov 2012
Great photography Kim. Love your website. Let me know when you've finished posting your work. Can't wait to see the new additions.
Charlene - 26 Nov 2012
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